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We are a leading service provider for screw presses in the center of Europe.
A well-trained team is our key to providing the best possible service and technology for your screw presses.

Our strength is the mix of core competencies. Experts which have worked our field of industry for more than 30 years are in constant dialogue with young highly educated and well trained staff.

This gives RoseDowns the ability to be flexible and quick.

Our Approach

Let us move forward at a high speed as a real team.

  • Teaching the young
  • Experiencing from the old
  • Making own experiences
  • Avoiding old mistakes

Our workshop and service team is always there on your behalf.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


Who we are

Rosedowns develop, manufacture, maintain and distribute spare and wear parts as well as presses in the worldwide markets for vegetable oil, meat meal and further separation press industries.

What we achieve

We strive to be the world’s leading developer and supplier of parts for screw presses in the vegetable oil and meat meal industry. Parts and configurations from RoseDowns should be installed in every screw press of major producers.
Our goal is to be a leading innovator within all our business and corporate fields when we launch new products and materials.

Why we do this

We share our customers’ desire for a safe operation and optimal efficiency.
We will do our utmost to ensure that our parts will operate with the best performance and the highest level of quality.