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RoseDowns specialise in the design and manufacture of screw presses for animal by-product applications and oilseed.

We provide a wide range of services such as technical support, bespoke design and maintenance solutions. We supply you with spare and wear parts for screw presses that are used for distinctive organic materials in the area of separation pressing.

In the range of the vegetable oil, meat meal and further separation industry we offer you:

  • Screw presses
  • Screw elements
  • Cage bars / lining bars
  • Shafts & further equipment
  • Special tools
  • On-site changeover of parts and repair
  • Screw press overhaul
  • Planetary gearbox maintenance and overhaul
  • Design of innovative machines
  • Design of new machine components
  • PLC – Press – Control – Systems
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Process consulting
  • Planning of facility design

In the sections of design engineering, workmanship, production as well as on-site maintenance service we rely on well-educated, motivated and experienced employees.

We combine the extraordinary experience of the “old hands” of the rendering business with the new ideas and approaches of young professionals. This combination provides prosperous services for our customers.

This experience helps us to cope with the processes of our customers to create well defined approaches.

Furthermore, we are always looking for fair cooperation partners who share our mission to enhance the market these partnerships result into powerful networks, which provide the customer with new but approved solutions. These lead from profitability assessments to a complete design of new plants.


Planning, development and economical expertise are key words for our professional work:

  • Management consulting: planning, project management, processing

Our main goal in the field of technical consulting is to increase economic expertise and standards by applying the bestsuited technical and business solutions:

  • Evaluation of operation and optimization

Extensive experience are important aids in developing the right solutions. Most of our consultants have worked for over 30 years in these areas of industry:

  • Design engineering and development
  • Economic consideration

RoseDowns offers an assembly service for all wear and spare parts. Our service technicians overhaul your machines fast and professionally.
With the support of our special tools we are the fastest complete service team on the market.

Our work will meet your expectations.

As part of a maintenance contract, RoseDowns offers regular maintenance of the screw presses including all wear parts. We offer this service in Germany, Europe and the UK.


RoseDowns offers press shaft and cage rebuilds. Our technician’s service and maintain the machines. We are the fastest complete service team on the market. RoseDowns installation and maintenance service package for your screw presses contains:

  • Production of multivalent screw segments
  • Production of the original SPT cage bar with distance rivets
  • Service for spare and wear parts
  • Maintenance of screw presses
  • On-site changeover of parts and repair
  • Reconstruction and service in our workshop
  • Placing of operation and adjustment
  • Screw press and planetary gear box overhaul