Our own design department and production site in Germany is the base for our constant quality requirements.

This demand for product quality was the decisive factor for the establishment of our own production in Verden (Germany) in 2014/15.
Our experience in the first years since the founding of the company was that our customers have an equally high level of awareness for quality as we do.

Products which were produced in accordance with our design specifications in other countries were able to meet the price expectations of most customers, but not always our quality requirements.

“German Quality” has significantly improved this factor.


Problem analysis, consideration of external influences and computer based design and simulations create a higher probability of a genuine innovation.

Moreover problem analysis has to be done with a highly effort of our human ressources and competences.

For this reason a high presence of our engineers on-site is self-evident to get to the bottom of a problem.

We like to solve your problem!


We are always looking for fair cooperation partners who share our mission to enhance the market.
These partnerships result into powerful networks who provides the customer newly and approved solutions. These lead over form profitability assessments to a complete design of new plants.